Friday, April 18, 2014

Sunny days!

The month before Stephen finishes a semester I am pretty much a single mom. He becomes SO busy with studying and preparing for finals we don't see him much. He is on his fourth semester of law school so we are pretty familiar with what the last month of school is like. Stephen leaves around 8 in the morning and comes home around 11 p.m. in the evening. 
The sunny weather has helped keep me sane for the last couple weeks without a husband around. The girls love playing outside and I love their big grins. 
These two are my world. Love them SO much!

Miss Tammy Lee is 19 months and is quite the busy bee. 
She climbs on everything, is very adventurous, loves reading books, gets so excited when she see's a baby, and loves any kind of animal. She is not a fan of nursery and will cry and cry until she is brought to  us. She has the cutest facial expressions and mannerisms. She can be quite fiesty and is not afraid to express herself when she is upset. 

Savannah is 3 and loves to change her outfit multiple times a day. She loves to play with her little sister and often tells me that TT is her favorite. She loves to color and paint. She loves to sing and dance. She is deff a pleaser and loves when Stephen and I are proud of her. She is starting to ask lots of questions such as: "Mom, why is this a slide?" or "Mom, why is that a dog." She makes me laugh with all her curious questions and spunky personality.

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  1. such cute sisters!! i love their outfits every. single. day!