Wednesday, June 24, 2015

St George

June 19-21, 2015

We had such a fun time in St George for the Johanson/Jett family reunion. It was full of playing, swimming, eating, dancing, etc. The girls were in heaven and were running around having a blast with their cousins. 
The drive went smoothly as well. We stopped once to eat and once to feed Hudson. Other than that the girls enjoyed watching movies and coloring in the car and Hudson slept the majority of the time. 
I sadly had a bad ear infection. Friday night we arrived in St. George and I had a fever and my ear was throbbing. I stayed back at the condo while they went to dinner with the family. The doctor gave me some antibiotic drops for my ear but they weren't helping. I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to the doctor until monday so I survived by taking tylenol and Ib profen back to back to help with the pain.
 Lucky and Hudson are only 3 weeks apart.
 I am so grateful for Stephen. He is such a wonderful dad and such a caring husband. 
I am SO lucky to have him as mine!
 Saturday morning we played tons of fun games!

 Aunt LeeAnn got to snuggle with Hudson. :)

 Wyatt and Savannah are best buds. They held hands everywhere they went and were pretty much together 24/7.
 Zonked out with mom while everyone was swimming.

 Jett cousins
 Bath time for Hudson. He loves bath time and is so calm while he gets a bath.

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