Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sunny weather fun!

June 2015

The girls are at such a fun age. I love watching them interact and play with friends. We have cute neighbor girls that play often. They had a blast swimming in the pool I bought from Walmart. 
 Tammy Lee is so sweet with Hudson. She loves to hold him and will kiss his head any time he cries. She is very gentle and says, "awww" over and over when she holds him.
 Savannah is my life saver. Sometimes when I am trying to get something done like unload this dishwasher she will hold him and it is so helpful for me.
 Nana got these two these darling aprons. We made brownies for FHE and they loved wearing their aprons.
 Hudson - 5 1/2 weeks old. 
 Whitney was visiting and we took the girls to the splash  pad.

 "Hello Ladies" 
6 weeks old
 Hike at Hobble creek canyon. Tammy Lee sure loves her Papa!

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