Tuesday, April 5, 2016

T-Lee gets bangs!

Tammy Lee kept telling me about her friend in primary who had bangs. I asked her if she wanted me to cut her bangs. A big smile creeped across her face and she said, "yes!" The next morning I chopped her bangs and when she looked in the mirror she immediately looked down at her feet and said she didn't like it and wanted them to go away. I tried to convince her that they were sooo cute but she still didn't budge. I swept her bangs to the side like they are in the 3 pictures below and she was ok with that. After a full day of people telling her how much they LOVED her bangs, she decided the weren't so bad and started loving them!
I think she is as cute as ever with bangs.
I love that little girl SO much!

 This is the only picture I have from our Sherwood Easter Egg Hunt. It was pouring down rain, we were freezing, and Tammy Lee fell asleep on Stephen's shoulder. Notice Savannah's huge bag full of Easter Eggs... that girl doesn't mess around. Her competitive spirit shines through even during an Easter Egg Hunt. haha
 While I was working out one morning, Savannah was so eager to show me a surprise she had done for me. She took me by the hand and was beaming while she walked me up to my room to show me that she made my bed. I melted seeing her excitement and love what a thoughtful girl she is. She knew it would make me happy and all day as I walked in and out my room I smiled looking at my crocked bed sheets and pillows. Moments like this make all the hard mommy moments worth it.

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