Tuesday, July 12, 2016

4th of July 2016

We had a wonderful first 4th of July in our new town!
Monday morning we decorated our bikes and rode in the parade while throwing candy to all the people watching. Savannah was the one in charge of throwing candy and loved every minute of it. Her huge smile in the picture below shows exactly how much she loved it.
That afternoon we enjoyed lunch at the Lujans house and let the kids do some sparklers and set off a couple fireworks. They had the cutest reactions to each firework. 
That night the Cheney's/Warr's came over for a barbecue at our house. I grew up with the Cheney's in GA so it was SO fun to see them again. 
The collage at the end of the girls with the sparklers cracks me up. I was trying to get a cute pic of them smiling but all I got was the silly faces below.
We are so grateful to live in America and for the freedom we have!!

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