Monday, December 14, 2009


Being married has made me a lot more crafty. I love putting little things together and making fun decorations for our apartment. Here is a couple of crafts I have done in the last little while! It has been so much fun. I want to buy a cricut sometime in the near future so instead of buying the vinyl lettering I can just do it at home! :) They also make great gifts!

This plate turned out cuter than I thought. I bought the plate at Walmart for $3 and put the vinyl on it. It was really easy and is a fun Christmas decoration.
I put cookie jars together to make little Christmas gifts for friends. I still need to put ribbons around the jars. It makes delicious cookies! ;)
I got this tile and simply placed the vinyl on top. You can buy the tiles at Home Depot. It was a little tricky making sure I placed the letters on perfectly straight... luckily it worked. haha
I have always wanted one of these pictures of the Salt Lake Temple but they were SO expensive. Luckily a lady in my ward gave me an AMAZING deal on it. I was so grateful!
I got 4 square blocks and painted them gold and put red vinyl on them. It was so easy and you can easily change the letters to your last name, or baby's name, or seasonal sayings. They turn out really cute and can ad some spunk to your home.

You are probably wondering when I have time to do this... while Stephen is sitting at the table doing homework or studying... I am sitting next to him making crafts. It works great, haha. If anyone has any other fun crafts they have done, let me know because I am looking for new ideas! :)


  1. okay, so where do you get the vinyl? I know the places I have look have been way way expensive!!! Where are you goin and how much is it! Everything looks soo cute! I miss you!!!

  2. Adorable!! I love it! I have the same questions as Orchid though.... I can never find a good deal on vinyl. So fun to find your blog!

  3. I got the vinyl from a lady in my ward because she has a cricut and basically gives it to me for free. She is SO nice. It is true though.. vinyl is pretty expensive. If yall want something specific I am sure I could order it from my friend and send it your way :)