Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Organization = :)

I love when things are organized in my home. I always feel so much better when things are clean, organized, and easy to locate. Yesterday I decided to tackle my pantry... it was getting out of control.

1st: I bought clear boxes at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are actually shoe containers but they work perfect for organizing other items.
2nd. I cleared out my entire pantry and placed coordinating items into my clear boxes. For example: rice, noodles, popcorn, drink mixes, snacks, etc.
3rd: I put everything back into my pantry in an orderly fashion.
4th: I made vinyl labels with my Cricut so I knew exactly what was in each box.
5th: I took a sigh of relief and smiled! :)

Here is a picture BEFORE I organized!

Here is a picture AFTER I organized!

Here is a close up of the vinyl labels I made!

Now it is your turn! :) Call me and I will be happy to make vinyl labels for you as well!

Happy Organizing!


  1. how nice!!! Jenaca, I've been so much in this organizing set up lately!!! it is so much better when things are organized, arent they? I love to see everything in place and neat!! you did a great job!!
    and start make labels for me..hehehe. Just kidding, I have a cricut too. I just need to get going and do some for myself. :)

  2. Look how good you are!! Come to by house please?! I'm glad you found me too, now I can keep up with you and that cute cute baby of yours!