Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fabric Frames

I needed a new decoration in our bathroom but I didn't want to spend very much money so I decided to be a little crafty. Here is a little tutorial on what I did!

I bought the frames below from D.I for no more than a dollar.
I took the glass out and spray painted them a dark brown because it coordinated with the colors in our room.
These are the fabrics I used.
I cut a square of fabric a little bigger than the frame and used my hot glue gun to secure the edges.
This is what the 3 frames looked like when I was done hot gluing the fabric on.
I made these simple 3D flowers with brown fabric.
I placed the frames on once they had time to dry and hung them above the toilet in our bathroom.
It was fun, easy, and CHEAP. Perfect craft to do while the baby is sleeping! ;)


  1. Jenaca you have serious talent!

  2. Those are seriously adorable. That makes me want to make them too. Thanks for the great idea.