Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sunny weather, hair, and big smiles!

We are loving this nice weather. Savannah's new favorite thing is playing outside. As soon as the door opens she walks as fast as she can to that door before it closes....but if it closes... there is guaranteed to be some tears. ;) She loves playing outside and when it is nice out I try to let her play outside and explore as much as possible. We have a park right by our house that we go to often. She is so intrigued by all the kids and loves to follow them around. I love how curious she is! I can't wait until Seven Peaks opens so we can go and she can explore playing at the pool.

The other morning I gave Savannah a couple strawberries to munch on for breakfast. She is a big fan of strawberries and most fruit in general. This particular strawberry must have been a little sour because she couldn't stop making faces. haha

"Holy Cow Mom... this is SOUR!"
Today I watched Daisy and Pearl. Savannah was so excited when she woke up to see that she had friends to play with. She couldn't stop smiling and squealing. I had some fun doing the girls hair. I seriously would love to have a handful of girls so I can do fun things with their hair everyday. Daisy and Pearl were so great to let me play with their hair.

Here is Daisy's Do
I did pigtails with a zigzag part, wrapped a braid around the pigtail, and curled the ends of her hair.
And here is Pearl who sat so still while I did hers. She even let me curl the ends of her little ponytails.

And then here is my little, bald Savannah. Maybe she hasn't started growing hair yet because she knows once she does I will be doing it every morning. Trust me... I can't wait for the day when this girl gets enough hair for me to actually do. For now I will continue to put a little bow on that head! ;)
Here we are at the park!
Look at that big smile!

I hope everyone is enjoying this sunny weather today! I hope it lasts!

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  1. Thanks again for watching them. They sure love it at your house and Daisy loves taking care of Savannah. And it is good that someone does their hair. :)