Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am so grateful for Stephen. I tend to talk about Savannah on my blog the majority of the time so I wanted to do a little post on how grateful I am for Stephen! I couldn't ask for someone better for me. He is so kind, sensitive, caring, and fun. 

 -He is such a great dad to Savannah... she adores him. When he gets home he could just play and play with her for hours. 
 -Always so good at calming me down and making me feel better when I am overwhelmed and stressed. 
-Such a hard worker & very dedicated! 
-He has such a happy and easy going personality that is so refreshing to be around. 

 He is the best! I love you babe... so happy your ALL mine... forever!! :)


  1. Cute. Husbands definitely get neglected once babies come along. It's always good to recognize what a huge part of our lives they still are!