Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family, Fun, & Sun

We had such a fun weekend in St george for a family reunion on Stephen's side. We stayed at a hotel in St George and swam, played at the park, learned how to square dance, had a talent show, and ate way too much yummy food and treats! Savannah loved playing with all the little kids and did a great job with an adjusted schedule!
I was a little worried about how she would sleep not being in her crib. We brought the pack and play and she slept so great at night and took her naps like normal. She is so sweet but boy can she be feisty and stubborn. She will deff let you know when she is not happy about something. She will stomp her feet and give you the stink eye. But when she is happy she is all smiles and laughs. It is fun to see her little personality grow and develop!

On the way to St George she slept almost the entire time. Once she was awake she was perfectly content eating her snacks in the back and watching Baby Einstein's on Stephen's phone.
Love him!
We were getting ready to go eat dinner and do some square dancing!
Can't wait until our 2nd little girl joins our family!
Dancing the night away...
Savannah was loving the music... she was jumping, spinning, and dancing!
She came and cuddled with us in bed around 7:30 and fell right back to sleep. That sleep position doesn't look to comfy though.
Sweet baby Keaton. Savannah loved to give him hugs and stick his binky in his mouth when he cried.
Wyatt and Savannah are so funny together. Sometimes they love each other and give hugs and kisses and other times it is a completely different story. They hit and push and steal toys from each other... 
o dear!
My fun sister-in-law! I am lucky to have such great in-laws!
Bath time after a fun and busy day. Can you tell she is tired? Look at those tired eyes.
Here is another one of my great sister in laws. We were twins.
This is what we call the stink eye. It is her new expression she gives... quite often actually. 
Quick story about this face: When we were driving home from St George we stopped at a gas station to change Savannah's diaper. I was waiting in line and this sweet older lady started talking to Savannah and was telling her how beautiful her eyes were. I looked down at Savannah and she was giving that sweet lady this scowl... I was like uhhhh sorry about that. It was awkward but I can't help laughing about it.

We had such a great trip and it was a lot of fun to get to know Stephen's extended family better. Although it was so much fun it is always nice to be back home and in your own bed. Our next trip will be in August for Chase and Jessie's or CHESSIE'S wedding. We can't wait! I will post a pic of their announcement soon... coolest/cutest announcement I have ever seen! 

Goodbye for now!

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