Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Fun!

We are having such a fun summer! The weather has been great... aside from the days over 100 degrees. Sheesh... way too hot for my pregnant self! 

Stephen loves using the grill. I was always the one cooking dinner every night but now that he has a grill he likes to make fun recipes. Like the delicious steak kabobs below. YUM... we gobbled those up...with the help of my parents!

Savannah is growing up fast. Her personality is deff shining through and it is so fun to watch.  She has such a fun, happy personality. Loves to explore, loves to interact with kids, and loves to play outside. She is very determined... just like her Dad. She is starting to expand her vocabulary and it is so fun to watch her learn. So far she can say: Mama, Dada, hot, and hi! She is feisty and will let you know when she is not happy. She is also very sensitive and needs to cuddle when her feelings are hurt or she gets hurt physically. Her molars have all broken through and she still has that cute gap between her front teeth. She loves bath time and will run straight there when you say it is time for bath. She also loves to brush her teeth and wants you to put the toothpaste on over and over again because she loves the taste. She is a great sleeper and we are cherishing our good night sleep since baby # 2 will be here in no time. We love this little girl!

We were playing outside the other night and she was apparently all pooped out. She came and laid on me and fell right to sleep. I love moments like this!

This girl is a fish. She gets so excited when we go to the pool. She doesn't like you to touch her in the water... she wants to do everything herself. She seriously has no fear! She laughs and laughs when the water splashes her and loves to watch all the kids playing. The second you take her out of the water a HUGE fit will follow!

We are loving SUMMER time!

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