Monday, July 30, 2012

House Projects

I have had fun re-doing a lot of rooms and bathrooms this summer. We have had some renovation projects and it is nice that we are on the tale end of all them. Renovations can be fun but it is nice to see the finished project.

I have been working on getting Tammy Lee's room ready which has been so much fun. We changed the craft room into her room. Once she is sleeping through the night I will have her and Savannah share a room. I am leaving the craft table in Tammy Lee's room so that Stephen can also have a study desk to use while he is in law school. It also enables me to leave my cricut and sewing machine up since I use them quite often.
Her room is not done but here is a little sneak peak. I can't fully finish until I move Savannah into a toddler bed which will prob happen a little after she is 2. So ya... there is no crib in T-Lee's room yet but in one of the pictures you can get a little peak of her bedding that is pink and green.

I wish I would have taken a before pic of the room. It had a red accent wall and the others walls were a tan color. First... we painted the walls a very light yellow. Have I ever told you how tired Stephen and I  are of painting?

For her name I bought cardboard letters and scrap book paper. I cut the paper and modge podged them onto the cardboard letters in different directions. Then I used my cricut machine to finish the rest of her name. I also added some flowers I found on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Below is a little peak at her bedding. I was thrilled when I found the bedding I have wanted on E-BAY for SOOOO cheap. Seriously it was a steal of a deal. I was going to use the same bedding I used for Savannah but I thought it would be fun for them to look back at pics and see what their rooms were like. Plus... I was dying to do something new.

I made those tissue pom poms for the corner of her room. It was a tutorial I found on pinterest and they were so cheap to make... which makes me like them even more.

I painted the closet which was prob my least favorite part. When we moved into the house the entire closet was black. They even painted the ceiling and baseboards black. It was terrible. I have been avoiding painting it and finally tackled the project. It took forever because I had to prime it before I started painting it. I cleared out the closet because I had all my craft stuff in it. I unloaded all the newborn clothes, blankets, binkies, socks etc. It was fun to see all the clothes Savannah use to wear when she was itty bitty. I love getting everything organized and ready to go... even though I still have 2 2 1/2 months left. ;)

Next is our master bedroom. Once again... I wish I could find a before picture but o well. We upgraded to a king size mattress along with new furniture. The king size bed makes our room a little smaller but it is so worth it. We love the mattress it is SO comfy. 

Once I found out I was having another girl... I decided to do a girly bathroom for them. It is amazing how much different items and colors in a bathroom can really brighten it up. 

I fell in love with this cute little toothbrush holder.

I also am kinda obsessed with owls right now. ;)

I realized I still haven't taken pic of the deck.... that is next on my to do list. ;)


  1. yay! so cute. I love home renovation projects!

  2. I love it all. I especially like her name on the wall. Those letters are awesome. I've been thinking about doing something fun for Daisy. Maybe I'll ask your opinion.

    What kind of bed did you get? I love all the new stuff.