Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Love Flashes

Tonight I was having so many "love flashes" of Savannah so I thought I would sit down and write some of my thoughts. A "love flash" is a term my family used growing up. It is when you are reminiscing of a time that made you feel full of love for someone. I have "love flashes" quite often for Savannah. I love my days with her!

 I love waking up in the morning to the sound of Savannah saying, "MaaaaaaMaaaa." Once I walk in a big smile comes across her face as she grabs both her blankies and reaches out her arms for me.

 I love seeing her learn and understand. She understands so many things I tell her to do and is such a great helper. I can tell she will be a great big sister to Tammy Lee.

I love when she hears music and immediately starts dancing to the beat and wants everyone around to join in with her.

I love going on walks with her and stopping every 5 seconds because she gets distracted by something…whether it’s a leaf, a weed, a rock, or chewed gum. ;)

I love how independent and determined she is… it reminds me of her Dad!

I love when she bonks or falls and runs to me to kiss it better even when it really didn’t hurt that bad. ;) But apparently a kiss works magic and she is right back to normal.

 I love reading books and hearing her say all the animal sounds.

 I love how social she is. She loves playing with other kids and gets so excited when people come over.

I even love her feisty stubborn side. She won’t give up something she has without putting up a fight that’s for sure.

 I love that everyday I spend with her I can always count on a good laugh from something she does. 

She is such a fun girl and makes my days brighter and my smiles bigger!

I love you Savannah!


  1. Sweet girl. You will just get more and more of those 'love flashes' as they get older. It is amazing to watch them grow.