Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Daddy's Girl

Over Christmas break Stephen had a 3 week break from school and was able to spend all his time with us. We were all in heaven having him home with us... especially Savannah. She adores Stephen and was thrilled to see him each morning when she woke up. Yesterday Stephen started a new semester of school and when Savannah woke up she kept calling his name and went looking for him everywhere. 

She went into every room and finally came to me with her hands in the air and said, "dada?" I said, "Daddy is back at school and he isn't home.... but Mommy is here."She looked at me with a look of dismay and said, "Oh noooooo!" Should I be hurt by that? ;) haha

It was so sweet to see how much she loves Stephen. I love their relationship... she is so lucky to have a dad who loves, adores, plays, tickles, and chases her daily. 

Love those two!

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  1. Ha ha. All my girls have preferred Daddy at some point.(Some still do.) I try not to feel hurt and remember that a daddy/daughter relationship is sooo important. But I can't imagine your kids not growing up to idolize you.