Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tammy Lee 4 months old

My little 5 pound preemie baby is not so little anymore! Tammy Lee is already 4 months and I can hardly believe it. Time passes by so quickly. She is growing up so fast and is so chubby I can hardly stand it. She has the squishiest cheeks and has rolls all over her thighs. It is so cute. Her cheeks are so big that you can't even see her neck...I love it! 

Her neck is getting so strong and she can hold it up really well. We still do tummy time daily much to her dismay... she isn't the biggest fan of tummy time. 

She is such a good sleeper and only wakes up once during the night to eat.

She loves when you talk to her and will give you the biggest smile.

She has a very calm temperment and is such a good baby.

She loves the binky!

She loves when Savannah interacts with her and always gives her big smiles.

She loves sucking her hands and fingers until her shirt is covered with drool.

She has beautiful big blue eyes.

Her hair is getting lighter and lighter like Savannah's did. I am assuming she will be a blondy as well!

We are loving watching Tammy Lee grow... I just wish time would slow down... she is growing up too fast!

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  1. oh my heart. that last picture is hilarious. and so adorable... beautiful kiddos you have Jenaca!!
    and what a miracle to see how much Tammy Lee has grown!