Monday, May 5, 2014

24 hour drive….Check!

We made it to TEXAS! Have I mentioned that we will be in Houston and Portland this summer for Stephen's law internships? Well forgive me if I haven't…our lives have been so crazy lately especially the last couple weeks before we left. 
It took about 24 hours to get here and we did the drive in three days. I was a little nervous about how the ride would go with the girls since that is a LOT of time in the car. They did AMAZING! Stephen and I were so relieved. I will give most of the credit to the dvd player we had…along with the variety of fruit snacks they consumed. We made a little adventure out of our drive and had so much fun swimming and spending time together once we arrived at our hotels. Savannah was a little confused and was wondering why we kept going to "new houses" each night. 
 We have been wanting a van for a while now. We just so happened to get one the night before we left which was a HUGE blessing. It was a lifesaver and we were able to pack so much more than we would have been able to in our Accord. 
I am a mini van lover… they are life changing when you have kids!
 We left early Wednesday morning and drove for 9 hours with a couple stops in between.
 Our first stop was at KFC for lunch. Savannah was having love flashes and kept hugging Stephen. I think she was also thrilled to be out of the car!
 Lots of pretty scenery!
 We stopped in Albuquerque our first night. It was around 9:30 pm once we got into our Hotel. The girls were so giggly and cute. They were SO excited to share a bed together. 
I love when they get along. They are always making us laugh!
 Day 2: Long naps are the best...

 We stopped in Abilene Texas the 2nd night. The girls enjoyed yogurt and muffins for breakfast!

 Still going strong on DAY 3 of driving. We stopped for lunch and by this time we were only 2 hours away from Houston. We were so ready to be out of the car but we are all still smiling which is a good sign. 
Love my little T-Lee! Her sweet, snuggly, sensitive, lovable personality makes life better!

Phew… glad we are done driving for now. We still have our drive to Portland and back so I can't get too comfortable. We live in an apartment in Spring/The Woodlands Texas. Pictures to come of our unfurnished, bare, and small apartment. ;) 
It is so beautiful in Texas. The trees remind me of GA! We are missing our family and friends in Utah but enjoying this little adventure we are on.

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  1. Jen, Tams showed me your blog. Love it. It almost helps with the withdrawals we are having with you all out of town. Almost. We love and miss you. Give the girls a hug from Papa.