Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grogan's Mill

Finding an apartment was quite the challenge. I called tons of places in various cities near Houston but very few would lease for only two months. The only places I could find that were furnished was either 3,500 a month or a hotel which would be a small studio apartment with two beds. We finally found an apartment that would do a two month lease. It was not furnished but we were thrilled to have found somewhere to live. 
We packed only the necessities in our trunk and we figured we would get by with what we had. The girls didn't seem to mind that we had no furniture to sit on.
 Our sweet bishop in our new ward let us borrow these green chairs they were not using. It has been so nice to have a small sitting area. 
 Another ward member also let us borrow this glass top table for a couple months they had in their storage unit. Hooray!
 It is a two bedroom apt so the girls share a room and  T-Lee sleeps in her pack and play.
 Savannah will hopefully be on a futon soon! 

Our kitchen is extra small with very little counter space but we make do!

 On a good note the closer space is amazing! We have three huge walk in closets!
 This is where Stephen and I sleep. Fancy huh! 

Nothing to exciting… but I thought it would be fun to look back at some day. Gotta love our unfurnished apt. The complex also has two pools, a playground, and gym. We are taking full advantage of the little perks you get when living in an apartment.

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  1. this is bigger than our apt here in NY! looks like fun! you will look back and be grateful for those days I'm sure!