Saturday, May 17, 2014

Typical day...

I wanted to talk about our typical day here in Texas. I love having my little sidekicks…they are so much fun to spend time with. Well, most the time…;)
It's usually us three while Stephen works all day but we are having SO much fun exploring the city we are in. There is so many fun places to go, eat, and explore around here. 

We are big fans of the pool and playground we have in our apt complex. We go swimming almost everyday and play at the park multiple times a day. 
 These two have moments when they are the best of friends… and they also have their moments when they aren't. But boy do I love those moments when they are!

 What are the chances that one of my best friends growing up lives only 10 min away from where we live in TX. Her girls are similar ages to mine and Savannah and Avery LOVE playing together.
 Courtesy of Savannah
 Savannah loves to read books to Tammy Lee… this particular book she has memorized and she will read it over and over again. 
 More pool fun… like I said we go almost everyday! It is so fun to watch Savannah in the water.

 Tammy Lee was sick and miserable. It is hard being a mom sometimes. She wasn't sleeping, and wanted to be held 24/7, and was hurting. It was exhausting and sad to see her so upset. SO happy to have my Tammy Lee back and healthy again!
 Savannah was so proud of the tower we built!
 We enjoyed a walk on a rainy day. We even found a frog that the girls were so intrigued with. It barely moved but they could have watched it for hours.
 Can't forget about naps… I love when i can sneak a nap in.
 Who needs olives when you can put your fingers in strawberries?


We are enjoying Texas but are really missing our family in Utah. Can't believe we have been here for two weeks already.. time flies when your having fun!

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