Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Soaking up the Sun before it is gone...

Get ready for a lot of pictures. We are trying to soak up as much sunny weather as we can get before the snow hits and never leaves. 

Tammy Lee so badly wants to be a part of Savannah's dance class. She will sneak her way onto one of those mats as often as she can. She follows the motions and wishes she could wear the dress too. Cutie!
 I took the girls to the Provo beach resort and didn't think the splash pad would be on. Usually all splash pads are turned off by Sep 1st. Much to our surprise it was still on and the girls were dying to run in the water. I said go for it... sometimes you just got let them have fun even if that means soaking wet clothes and no towels. 
 I had a bag of clothes I was taking to DI. It came in handy... the girls thought it was so funny to put mommy's clothes on!
 Synchronized scootering. Now that is talent!
 Saying bye to Dad in the morning is hard... I feel the same way.
 Library fun!
 Don't mess with Tammy Lee... she was not so sure about the doctor and wanted to make sure no shots were given. After leaving with no shots and a sucker she was a happy camper. Phew!
 Jump on it fun!
 Visting teaching gift!
 Sunday fun! Had to snap a pic of these two in their matching dresses!
 No Cavities! YAY!
 Park fun!

 I will leave you with a bare bum picture! Happy Wednesday!

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