Monday, November 3, 2014

Mish Mash

Spencer and Mandy came to visit and we had a fun day with them. The girls loved spending time with them. We went on walks, had races, got some ice cream, and met up with the rest of the family for soup!

 Bonfire fun with cousins. We are loving the fall time!
 We have had our fair share of home repairs since being back home. Our pipe busted on the side yard and flooded. We still need to dig it up and replace the pipe. Shortly after getting home our refrigerator stopped working and that was a $300 repair. Next our dryer died and we had to buy a new one. And last but certainly not least we had a huge leak in our roof that caused the insulation above Tammy Lee's room to mold. I noticed because I saw mold on her ceiling and was very concerned. We went on top of the roof to find a patch of shingles missing from big wind storms this summer. We are getting ready to cut out the drywall, replace the insulation and wood, re-dry wall, and patch up the roof. We have had quite the work load and expenses. I hope we are done!
 My little buddies at the doctors office with me!
 Tammy Lee is such a snuggler... I love it so much! Don't grow up!
 Stephen took the girls out and he came back with tennis racquets for them. He secretly wants them to love tennis. Savannah is especially into right now and is quite cordinated. It is so fun to watch him teach her!
 Baking cupcakes for Jessie's birthday! Savannah loves helping me in the kitchen!
 Tammy Lee is quite the character. We were shopping at costco and she plopped herself right on top of a box of chips!

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