Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TIme for your check up...

Tammy Lee is a mischievous and tender hearted 2 1/2 year old. This little one never means any harm and will tear up with the saddest face if she gets in trouble. Everything is better as long as she gets a good hug and snuggle. She is such a sweet little girl. 

After saying bye to the binky bed time is a longer routine with Tammy Lee. This particular night we had reiterated over and over how she is not suppose to get out of her bed. A couple nights prior we would find her in the bathroom pouring soap all over the toilet and the shower curtain. She also likes to squirt all the toothpaste out in the sink and cabinets. The list goes on. We thought our talk about staying in your bed worked because we didn't hear her climb out of bed. As we were heading upstairs, I saw her sound asleep on the couch in our front room. She must have climbed out of bed but was too scared to come around the corner because she knew we would take her right back to bed. She ended up propping herself up on the couch with her blanky and book and was fast asleep. It was too cute not to capture a picture.
 Tammy Lee has been to lots of my pregnancy doctor appointments and is familiar with the doctor checking the babies heartbeat. She brought her doctor supplies down stairs and explained to me that she needed to check baby brother to make sure he was ok. She checked his heart, gave him a shot, and looked at my tummy with her microscope. I couldn't stop smiling from her cuteness. This little boy is going to be so loved by his older sisters.

 Tammy Lee usually goes along with Savannah's ideas. They dressed up in leotards and requested that I be their dance teacher. It was so fun!
 Never a dull moment with these two and it is always fun seeing them enjoy themselves. 

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