Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Madness

We had such a blast going out to a cousin dinner in SLC. My sweet aunt Jackie and Uncle John treated everyone. It is so fun to all be together and spend time with one another. I love our Felt cousins!

 Classic Stacey and Jenaca smiles.
We were at Bria's bridal shower. She is getting married at the end of this month and we are so excited for her and Ben!
 28 week belly!

 29 week belly. Grow baby grow!
 I am over activity days in the primary presidency. I often come and help but this time I ended up doing the lesson and activity because we were short a leader. It was a lesson on what being beautiful is. How often times the world thinks beauty is defined by fashionable clothes, jewelry, diets, or expensive perfumes. But being beautiful comes from within and when we are virtuous and show high moral standards we are so much more beautiful and will be so much more happy in life. The girls made a sign with the word, "be-YOU-tiful" on it. They had a lot of fun and it was so neat to see how creative they each were.

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