Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Busy days and Beautiful Weather

The weather in Utah has been so beautiful lately. We are loving playing outside and getting out in the fresh air. Our days seem so busy. Being a mom of two young kids, along with my church calling, loads of house work, and the millions of doctor appointments I have to go to can make for some very busy days and weeks. Life never really slows down and I know things will just get more busy when our little boy arrives. We are all so excited to meet him but need him to stay in my belly and continue growing as long as possible. 

Savannah loves to color. She is very detailed and when she colors princesses she is very specific about coloring their dress just how it appears on the movie. I always enjoy seeing tons of her artwork plastered on the fridge.
 Tammy Lee and Savannah love playing together. They requested a Tea Party with real snacks so I cut them up some apples and raisins and they were in heaven. I even served them their food with a french accent and they thought that was pretty silly. After talking with an accent for a couple minutes Savannah said, "Can you talk like a mom now?" haha
 This girl is quite the hair stylist. I should have her accessorize my hair everyday. Savannah was so proud and she said I look like Fancy Nancy. (Fancy Nancy is one of Sav's favorite books)
 These two accompany me to almost all my doctor appointments. They are so cute and were waiting patiently for the nurse to call me back to get my progesterone shot. I think their favorite part is getting a sucker at the end. :)
 Wait what? Yes, It snowed the other morning but melted by noon. They soaked it up for all it was worth. They loved running and playing in the snow while it lasted.
 Savannah is getting so good at writing and identifying letters. She is a really quick learner and it so fun watching her understand and grow.
 We go to the library every week and enjoy story time and pick out new books to take home. They love snuggling up on the couch and reading through our library books daily.

 Savannah is quite competitive for a 4 year old. I won't be surprised if she gets really into sports. Tammy Lee just loves to play and go along with whatever is going on. Savannah wanted me to make them both a hop skotch so they could race. On your mark... get set... go!
 Savannah asked me to take this particular picture to send to daddy. She said he really misses her when he is at work so she wanted to send him a picture to help him feel better. SO CUTE!
 Wyatt and Savannah are cousins. They are pretty funny together. When Wyatt came over he asked Savannah if she would marry him. She said, Yes! He was thrilled and told her that he was going to buy her a ring so they could get married. Savannah thought that was the best idea ever and asked if it could have a pink heart on it. 

 Wyatt: "Can you take a picture of me and Savannah hugging?"
 We got to see some good friends while they were visiting. The girls had a blast and we love the Draper Family. I use to watch Dallas when he was a baby and look how grown up he is now. Crazy how time flies!

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