Thursday, April 2, 2015

Girls day out!

Saturday the girls (my mom, sister in laws, cousin, and aunt) went out for a fun afternoon. We saw the new Cinderella movie, went shopping, and then to the Women's Conference. 
Stephen was so sweet to take the girls for the day and let me have some time out and about. 
I am so lucky to have some amazing girls in my family!

Jessie, Rachel, Mandy, me, Mom, Aunt Jessie, Elysse, and Atlas
 Jessie 21 weeks and me 30 weeks pregnant :) 
Excited for these little cousins to be cute friends!

 Bria looked so beautiful on her wedding day! Tammy Lee kept saying, "I want to hug the princess mommy!" She finally got to hug the princess after running so fast she face planted. Poor kid. haha

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