Thursday, April 2, 2015

March 2015

These two love playing outside. We have gone on lots of walks and have been to lots of parks lately because the weather has been so nice! 
 Savannah loves to color and always makes the cutest pictures. She drew this picture of our family and wrote her name.
 Tammy Lee was sick for about a week in march. She had a fever, runny nose, bad cough, and even threw up a couple times. It was so sad and so exhausting. This is a picture of me trying to make dinner and the only way she would let me get anything done is by setting her on the counter and letting her hug me.
 We usually go to the library every other week and enjoy story time and pick out some new books to bring home. The girls get to wear fun capes and play with puppets. They love it!
 I love these two and their twin hair!

 30 week belly with Hudson!
 Zupas lunch date with family. Tammy Lee loves Uncle Travis!
 EEK! I bought a new diaper bag and LOVE it. It is so roomy and has great pockets to keep everything organized. I am in heaven!
 She was throwing a fit and fell asleep like this. The joys of a two year old. ;)

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