Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Family comes to town!

Travis and Rachel came to visit us in Oregon!
It was SO fun to have family here and the girls were in heaven. The hardest part about living in Oregon is living far away from family. We are use to seeing both sides of our family weekly so it has been an adjustment for all of us but especially the girls. 
We had a blast with Travis and Rachel. We went to the coast in Oregon and had a blast at the beach. It was an hour and half away and well worth the drive. The girls were in heaven and loved the sand. Savannah was brave enough to get in the freezing cold water. We got some salt water taffy, went to the aquarium, and walked around the different shops.
Travis and Rachel are so great with the kids. They run around, play, and help us so much. 
They were only here for 2 days so it was a quick trip but look forward to seeing them during Christmas.

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