Wednesday, November 4, 2015

part 1

We have been enjoying our time in Beaverton. We are anxiously awaiting our home to be ready to move into in Sherwood but are trying to stay patient. 
The girls love our little apartment and are sad to leave it but I am sure they will have no problem adjusting to our new home when they have their beds set up and all there toys are unpacked. 

Savannah started preschool and is loving every minute of it. Her teacher said she is a joy to have in her class and commented on how quickly she made friends. She was so exited for her first day of school. She woke up extra early, got her clothes on that she picked out the night before, and was ready to walk out the door. I told her it wasn't time yet and that she needed to eat breakfast first... she was so bummed. Stephen dropped her off that morning and he said she was grinning from ear to ear. She is such a happy girl. I am having so much fun watching her grow.
Tammy Lee is now coming to terms with Savannah being gone for preschool every other morning. At first she was sad and really wanted to go but now I think she looks forward to having just mom and Tammy Lee time. It is fun seeing her personality come out when it is just her and I. We went on a walk the other day and she talked the entire time. Never paused to let me respond. She just told me story after story. It was so cute! Tammy Lee has always been my easy going, sweet little girl but she has been a bit challenging lately. It is hard to discipline her because she is very sensitive. After she gets in trouble she will often come to me and say, "Mom, you mate me sad. I need a snuggle." A hug and a conversation on how she can behave better is all she needs. She teaches me how to be a more patient mother and I am so grateful for that.
Hudson is growing so fast. This little boy is SO loved by his sisters. They tickle him and are constantly making him smile. It is so fun having a boy. Hudson has been sick and it has been really hard. He wants to be held a lot and has the saddest cough. Evenings and night are especially hard bc he wants to be held constantly and then sleeps terribly. This mama is so sleep deprived and it is really catching up with me. I am so exhausted after waking up every two hours for the last 5 months. I think sleep training is in our near future. (Once we move into our new house). Stephen and I are both in desperate need of a good nights rest. ;)

 The face of a mom rushing to get home because her baby is screaming in the background...
 My heart is so full of love for these three.
 Dinner with Aunt Peggy and cousins on the Jett side.
 My Savannah is getting big too fast.
 So is my Hudson! Look at that smile!

 Tammy Lee never wants to miss out on the fun. She tried rock climbing and didn't get far up the wall but was beaming from ear to ear with this cute grin.

 Sav's first day of Preschool at Lucky Ducks Preschool!

 This pic described my life at this stage. Tammy Lee is picking her nose, Hudson is crying, and Savannah is in the middle of changing her clothes for the second time.

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