Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New home renovations!

We have been working hard on getting our home ready for many renovations. Stephen and some friends tore out the carpet upstairs and downstairs. We finished up ripping out the particle board and cleaning the mess of dust everywhere.
We are excited to make this house our home and get it up to date. I am SO excited to move in next weekend and unpack and organize. I am sooooo excited to organize and have space for everything. This will be such a great home for our family. We feel so blessed and know that this home is where we are suppose to be.
In the meantime this is what we have been up to besides packing...

The girls ran in my room and said, "Mom come look at Hudson!" I walked out to see this and said, "Oh my goodness, what did you guys do?" Savannah said, "We decorated him."
(The joys of being a little brother) ;)

These girls have the best most playful dad.

Huddy Buddy at 5 months
 Tammy Lee's cute Beaverton friends Ellie and Roy.

 Nothing cuter than a messy faced, blue eyed Tammy Lee!

 Where am I suppose to put the groceries?

 Stephen getting sworn in as a lawyer. So proud of all he has accomplished!

 I love you sweet Hudson!

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