Friday, December 11, 2015

Random Fall Fun

We are enjoying our new home and having fun exploring the new city we live. Aside from terrible traffic we have really loved it here. Here are a bunch of pictures and things we have been up to...

This is one of my favorite sites will making dinner.
 Savannah plops herself right up on the barstool and loves to chat and help me make dinner. 
 This little man is attached to my hip. I have never had a baby that wants to be held as much as he does. When he is awake I am pretty much holding him the majority of the time. I have become quite good at doing things with one hand.
 Tammy Lee fell off the couch and bonked her head. No worries though... Daddy made it all better!
 My heart could burst. I  love these three so much!
 Hudson hasn't quite mastered sitting up yet so I asked Sav to sit behind him while I grabbed something. When I came back this is what I saw. haha TEAM WORK!
 Love this little man so much!
 Stephen was busy working in the yard and I saw Savannah putting snacks in her purse. She came to me and asked if I could make sandwiches. I asked her why and she said that Daddy was working so hard so she wanted to surprise him and have a picnic with him. I thought it was so sweet. She was so proud and excited to tell him. Stephen acted so excited to have a picnic with her and she was grinning from ear to ear.  I never want to forget these sweet moments.
 Savannah has made fast friends in Oregon. This is her friend Aron who goes to preschool with her. They are so cute together. She is my social butterfly!
 My favorite boys!

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