Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Going to the temple and we're gonna get married...

Last weekend we headed to Portland for Chase and Jessie's wedding. YAY... my brother is married and I couldn't ask for a better sister! Chase and Jessie are so cute together and they are so compatible. The trip was a lot of fun and Savannah was great. She was amazing on both plane rides. I filled my backpack with books, snacks, and things to play with that kept her occupied for our 2 hour flight. Stephen and I were really happy about how well she did. It was a fun weekend and I am so happy for my brother! They are living it up in the Dominican Republic for a week and will be heading on a cruise to the Bahamas next week... LUCKY!

On the way to the temple!

Does Chase look nervous?

The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids. I had the hardest time finding a yellow maternity dress. I ended up getting a non maternity yellow dress that was stretchy because I was having no luck.

Love the fun colors they chose.

How funny/weird is this picture. I was cracking up.

Spencer even joined us at the reception! ;)

We had a blast and did I mention how beautiful the Portland temple was. I am so glad we got to go and we can't wait until Chase and Jessie are back in Utah and we can hang out with them more! They are planning on buying a  house in Orem... I am trying to convince them to get one in our neighborhood. ;)


  1. love it! that one wedding picture cracks me up- also, I'm glad Spencer was able to join, haha :) miss that kid!


  2. Cute pictures. LOVE those colors. So sad the necklace didn't work out.