Friday, August 31, 2012

When Dallas comes to play...

Savannah loves when friends come over to play. She will take them by the hand and show them her toys. She really loves playing with Dallas. I use to watch Dallas when he was a little baby and now he is so grown up. It is always fun when I get to see him again.
I love that Savannah is friendly... she is not shy at all. If I tell her someone is coming over to play she sits on the chair by our front door and looks out the window waiting patiently. Once she sees someone walking up to the door she can hardly contain her excitement. She also loves getting the door when someone knocks. 

Savannah and Dallas ate chicken nuggets for lunch and Savannah insisted on sitting in a big chair by Dallas. She wanted nothing to do wit her high chair.

We did a fun little painting activity which was quite a success. The best part is there is no mess afterwards! :)

This picture is so cute... they crack me up!

Cute cute kiddos... love them!

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  1. That paint idea looks super fun.

    And I can't believe how grown up Savannah is getting. She has so much personality now.