Friday, April 26, 2013

1 year down...

1 year of law school down and 2 more to go. 

Hooray... Stephen finished his first year of law school. All in all his first year went pretty well! Aside from the excruciating weeks before finals when we barely ever saw him because he was studying his brains off. Holy cow... law school is crazy!!!  
There were days when I thought, "how in the world am I going to make it for 3 years of Stephen being in law school??" and then some days I would think, "I can totally do this... this isn't too bad!" 
I am just grateful that we have finished year one. They say the first year is the hardest so lets hope year 2 won't be so crazy! 
I am looking forward to this summer when he has an internship and comes home and doesn't have to worry about all the extra work and studying. That will be heaven.

I wonder what our lives will be like when Stephen graduates from law school. Will we be moving to another state? Where will he get a job? Will I have another baby or will I be pregnant again? So crazy to think of all the changes that will come. But I look forward to them... and I am so proud of Stephen for finishing his first year. He did such a good job at juggling all the work, papers, assignments, tests, and competitions while still making time for me and the girls. 

He is the best. I love you babe!!

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  1. After law school you guys will move back to Georgia and live close to us so we can hangout ALL the time and Emma can babysit all the kids so we can go on a double date! ha ha ha - LOL! I can dream can't I? Love and miss you all - Christy