Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wishy Washy...

I have been debating a lot lately. Should I still blog? I do so many other things and sometimes I feel like I am continually repeating myself. I make scrapbooks for the girls on shutterfly and I also instagram lots of pics so sometimes I feel blogging is unnecessary. At the same time, I love looking back at posts from previous years and remembering the fun things we have done.  Do any of you print your blog? How does that work... is there a website you print it from? I also keep debating if I should go private... any suggestions? One reason I want to continue blogging is because I write a lot more on my blog than I would on instagram or another social media network. Hm... lots to think about. Any input is welcomed! ;)

In the meantime... here is picture overload on what we have been up to!

I love when Stephen and I can sneak out on a date. It is so nice to spend time together... without kids! We went to our all time favorite restaurant Carrabas. YUM! 

These cuties crawled in bed with us a couple Saturdays ago and Stephen snapped a pic of them hugging. I love how much Sav loves T-Lee. She loves her being around all the time... and will often cry when I put her down for nap. It is pretty funny... I wonder how long that will last.

I got Sav some fun summer sandals and realized i have some that are kind of similar. She insists that I wear my sparkly shoes anytime she wears hers.

This picture makes me kinda emotional. I love these girls SO much. I am such a lucky/blessed mama!

These two always turn the music up real loud and dance! It is the cutest!

I was a little hesitant to potty train... even though Savannah was showing all the signs that she was ready. I just love the convenience of diapers when you are out and about... but I gave in and decided to go for it. After all... our monthly bill would be a lot less expensive if we weren't buying multiple sets of diapers. Sav did awesome! She picked up on it really quick and loved how overly excited I would get anytime she would poop or pee in the potty. I think her favorite part was getting a skittle after each time she went potty. She will do anything for candy! 

She loved her princess panties... and would get so mad at me when I would put a diaper on her for bed time. 

I couldn't resist snapping this pic!

My little T-Lee is growing up so fast! She is the SWEETEST baby... i love her sweet smile and laugh. She is sitting up and is right on track despite being 6 weeks early! I love her to pieces and love watching her grow!

Easter fun... I am so behind on blogging as you can see. We had a wonderful Easter! Holidays are so fun with kiddos!


  1. I print my blogs....I think you've seen the books. But then again, I don't instagram. It is hard to chose what to stick with, but either way, I think you are doing a great job documenting your cute family.

  2. I also print my blogs. I just don't write in my journal anymore or scrapbook for Spencer and I. I plan on doing a scrap book for our kids, but my blog is like a journal/scrap book for our whole family. I print mine from SharedBook.com. It is SUPER easy and I print them every 2 years and it's about $60.