Sunday, May 5, 2013

Big Smiles and Chubby Cheeks

Have I mentioned how fun it is to have girls? I never had any sisters growing up and am SO glad I got two girls right in a row. I am glad they can have each other growing up. Don't get me wrong I would love some boys in the mix... especially for poor Stephen who is very outnumbered by us girls! He needs a boy... and insists we try every wives tale in the book to make sure I get pregnant with a boy next. But for now I just love all the fun girl stuff... the bows, the skirts, the dresses, the princess toys, and the cute hair-dos.

So glad these girlies are mine.

Me and T-Lee all ready for conference at Hobble Creek. We love spending time at Hobble Creek with my family. It is always a fun little getaway!

Tammy Lee is really into putting anything and everything into her mouth these days. More so than I remember Savannah doing at that age. 

I would say my favorite baby stage is when they start sitting up before they start crawling and getting into everything. I love the stage Tammy Lee is at right now. She loves sitting up and is so content playing with her toys.

This girl loves to paint... i means LOVES. She asks me daily to paint and knows right where to get all the supplies. 

I wanted to take a pic of her and I but instead she would bonk my head and start cracking up. We didn't quite get the pic I was hoping for but I love her genuine smile in these ones. 

I can't tell you how nice it is to have a baby that is a good eater. Savannah never liked baby food. She was always so picky and still is. Tammy Lee has done so much better and it is such a relief. ;)

Love these two!

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