Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunny weather makes me happy

I am in heaven now that spring is here. I got so tired of being cooped up in the house all day long during winter and catching so many sickies. It is so fun to take the girls on walks, play on the back deck, go to the pool, the park, etc. It's not just me loving this time of year... it is all of us.

Savannah's new fav thing to do is play with play dough. She loves for me to make all different kinds of animals. I have only taken a picture of the snakes because they are the only thing that came out looking normal. haha

Can you just see the happiness oozing from Savannah's face. She loves when the Cazier girls come to play!

YUM! Stephen is a grill master... he makes the most delicious recipes that he finds for the grill. I am all for them. It is so nice to have a break from cooking every now and again.

Love this cutie!

Enjoying some family time at the Thanksgiving Point Petting Zoo!

I hope they are always this sweet to each other. I am sure eventually they will fight, steel each others clothes, etc but I love how cute they are together. Savannah adores her and Tammy Lee smiles from ear to ear when Savannah is near.

This is Chase... he is our next door neighbor and Savannah and him play often. He is a couple years older but neither of them seem to mind. They hold hands, ride bikes together, eat popsicles together, blow bubbles together. She loves when they play!

It is weird going from Savannah who is SO picky and would hardly eat anything as a baby to Tammy Lee who will eat absolutely anything you put in front of her. She tried spaghetti for the first time the other night and went to town on it. Savannah continually told me to clean up that big mess.

My 8 month old girl! Love her to pieces!

Fell asleep reading her Elmo book.

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  1. your girls are precious! and I feel the same way about sunny weather! I bet it's even a better feeling when you have kids that can go out and play in the sun!