Monday, May 20, 2013


My days are pretty much the same everyday aside from random errands and play-dates here and there. We have a routine going that works really well. I am all about routine!

A couple weeks ago I tried making some homemade laundry detergent to save some money. I have ended up really loving it and the best part is is that it only costs 1 cent per load. Pretty cool huh! I also love the fresh clean scent... it makes our clothes smell so yummy!

This girl is a total daddy's girl and Stephen just eats it right up. She is so excited when he gets home and during dinner she insists on sitting on his lap the whole time and will continue to give him hugs and kisses while we are eating. She also turns to me and says, "mama... look, dada is home." 

I am so happy these two love each other so much. Savannah is SO sweet to her and I am so glad. She loves Tammy Lee to be with her at all times... I think she will be in heaven when TT can actually play and talk with her.

I have fun trying new hairstyles on Sav. She is so patient at letting me mess around with her hair while she eats breakfast!

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