Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crazy Faces and Fun Personalities

I tend to take way too many pictures but they always make for fun collages. I love all the fun faces. I think it shows so much of their personality! 

These pics were so fun to take of me and Savannah. She would copy ever single face I did and LOVES looking at pictures of herself. 

Savannah is so much fun. I love watching her personality develop. She is growing up so fast and is talking up a storm. She speaks sentences and loves being able to communicate. 
Some of my favorite sayings are:
"Mama, you come det me?"  "Mama, will you come get me?"
"I eat iceam pwease?"  "Can I have some iceream please."
"No mama, I do it... you sit down"
"Siwwy TT"  "Silly Tammy Lee"

My baby is 7 months old... say what? When did this happen. She is such a fun baby and has so many nicknames... TT, Tammy Lee, T-Lee, Lovebug. She is gonna have a hard time knowing what her actual name is. ;) Tammy Lee is much more of a mamas girl than Savannah ever was. Savannah has always been very social and would go to anyone but Tammy Lee likes me to hold her when other people are around. Occasionally she will let other people hold her without getting nervous. She is sooo sweet and cuddly. There is nothing better than a cuddly baby. She has the cutest chubby cheek grin and I am in love with her baby blue eyes that look just like her daddy's. 

I love my girlies... I am a lucky mama!

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  1. They are both so cute!! They are so expressive!