Friday, November 8, 2013

2 going on 20...

Savannah is so much fun. She keeps me on my toes and I can hardly believe she is almost 3. She has a big personality and is my social little butterfly. I like doing updates of what they are like at their current age because I transfer it over to their personal scrapbooks that I do on Shutterfly. 

-Savannah loves to sing... her favorite songs are currently: 
Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ring around the Rosy, I am a Child of God, and lots of the Daniel Tiger Songs. Daniel Tiger is a TV show that teaches topics by singing songs. She will sing them all the time and it always makes me smile. My favorite is when she sings the potty song. As soon as she has to go she sings, "If ya have to go potty STOP and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way." Another one she sings often is about grown ups coming back. The other day I made a comment of how I wanted daddy to come home. She said, "mommy don't worry... grownups come back!" Too cute!

Everywhere we go Savannah likes to tell random people that her name is "Sabi Jane" and she is "two." All her V's are pronounced as B's so she says "Hi, I'm Sabi Jane." ;)

I think Sav picked up some of her organizing capabilities from me. It is a good and bad thing. She organizes all her toys and likes to put matching colors together. She is so good at cleaning up her toys and always makes sure they are put in the right place.. if not she will let you know and will fix it right away.

I love listening to her talk and play with her toys. She loves playing with her princesses and will talk for them, i love it!

I try to do play dates a couple times a week because Savannah looks forward to playing with friends. She loves going places and if a friend is coming she will be thrilled. Our next door neighbor Chase is 4 but him and Savannah love playing together. She is always so sad when he has to go home. 

She used to be the pickiest eater but has done SO much better when it comes to eating. Her fav foods right now are: Green smoothies, yogurt, blueberries, fruit snacks, grilled chicken, and cheese. 

She can count to ten, say her ABC's, identifies shapes, and knows most colors. 

I love watching her grow! So happy to be her mom!

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  1. Oh man those Daniel tiger songs are going through my head now haha!