Wednesday, November 6, 2013

On the go...

I figured I should do an update on Tammy Lee since she is growing like crazy! This cute girl does some sign language, walks, goes down stairs, gets into everything, annoys her sister, makes us smile, and so much more. 

Her little personality is growing so much and I love seeing her cute little traits. I think she is the spitting image of her dad. She literally has SO many of his features. Those big blue eyes, blonde hair, ears that poke out at the bottom. I did so much work carrying her for 9 months and she looks nothing like me... sheesh!! haha

Here she is signing "eat." I took the picture as she was pulling her hand away but you get the idea. 
Some other signs she does is: please, thank you, more, all done.

I am amazed she kept this headband on her head as long as she did. She usually takes them off immediately... I have finally accepted it cuz we all know how much i love bows! ;)

And off she goes... she is walking everywhere now. Although as soon as I put shoes on her she crawls!

Those cheeks... i could eat them... they are too cute!

And that dimple... kills me!

And this is where my photo shoot ended because T- Lee decided she was all done!
Love you Tammy Lee!!!

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