Sunday, November 24, 2013

10 things...

10 things you may or may not know about me:

1.     I am most deff a morning person. I am almost always in bed by 10 and wake up around 6. I like working out, showering, and getting ready before the girls are up. If I wake up any later than 7 I feel sluggish all day and I hate it.

2.     I have never been away from my girls for more than a couple hours. This weekend will be the first weekend that I will be gone over night and I am excited but also nervous about it.

3.     I am obsessed with decorating my house for all holidays. Even the smaller ones like Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day. I pretty much have a wreath made for each one as well.

4.     I am the only girl in my family and have 3 extremely active and athletic brothers yet I am such a girly girl.

5.     Stephen is my best best friend. Seriously so grateful for him and feel blessed everyday that he is mine.

6.     I am a little crazy when it comes to vacuuming. I probably vacuum at least twice a day because I can’t stand crumbs. I usually just leave the vacuum out because I use it so often.

7.     I am the annoying person on the phone who is always multi tasking….feeding a baby, picking up toys, doing puzzles with sav, folding laundry. (Sorry in advance)

8.     I love DIY projects. Nothing better than making something yourself and loving the outcome.

9.     I am a big fan of hot hot hot baths right before bed. Like so hot you are dizzy and light headed when you get out.

10. I take a whole bunch of pictures and videos of my girls. I have so many and I love looking back on them. They are my world!

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  1. I wish I were a morning person. I'm not even close. But other than that, I think we are remarkably alike. That is probably why we are such good friends. :)