Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Peter Pan Clan

We had so much fun celebrating Halloween this year. I love that Savannah is old enough to enjoy all the parties and trick or treating. She loves dressing up and she was thrilled to wear butterfly wings and a tutu. She is the cutest little Tinkerbell to me. Her blond hair and bun are perfect for it. We went to our ward Trunk or Treat in our ward and she quickly got use to the swing of things. She was so cute and said "trick or treat" and "thank you" at each stop. 

Tammy Lee was the crocodile. I bought a 6-12 month costume on ebay and it was a bit small. We couldn't button the legs but she still looks so stinkin adorable. She didn't love the hat being on so we pretty much only put it on for pics. She loved just observing and sitting on Daddy's lap while he passed out all the candy.

Stephen was Peter Pan for the 2nd time in a row. I made a little hat out of felt, borrowed the costume from my awesome aunt and bam he was good to go!

I was Tiger Lily... I was going to be Wendy but I found some indian stuff at a garage sale so I decided to switch!

Pictures galore...Enjoy!

Olivia and Savannah are really cute friends and happened to both be Tinkerbell... they are the same age although Sav looks older cuz she is so stinkin tall for her age!

Hope everyone had a great halloween!!!

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