Saturday, March 1, 2014

3 going on 13!

We had so much fun celebrating Savannah's 3rd birthday. Holy cow I can't believe she is 3! On her actual birthday which was wednesday we woke up early and went to chick fil a for breakfast before Stephen had class. The girls and I went to a little playgroup and I brought some cupcakes to share. Saturday was when we celebrated with friends and family. We did it in the morning so we had donuts and fresh fruit. The kids had fun coloring, playing with blocks, and just running around. Savannah was loving all the attention and had a blast playing with all her little cousins and friends.

  • Savannah is such a fun, happy, sensitive, outgoing little girl. 
  • She has learned lots of her shapes, counts to 10, and sings the ABC's. 
  • She loves to read and sing various songs. Her favorites are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Let it Go, ABC's, and I am a Child of God.
  • Her favorite TV Shows are: Daniel Tiger, Paw Patrol, and Umi Zoomies
  • Her favorite movie right now is Frozen.
  • Her favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese and pizza with no red sauce.
  • Her favorite snacks are: apples, grapes, and fruit snacks
We love our Savannah Jane and love watching her grow. She is so sweet and always wants everyone to be happy. She is always sensitive to the kids who get hurt or are crying. She loves Tammy Lee and is very protective over her. She loves to be independent and pick out her own clothes and do her own seatbelt when we get in the car. We like to call her spunky Sav.

Happy 3rd birthday cute girl!

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