Monday, March 3, 2014

Tammy Lee - 18 months

Tammy Lee is growing so fast. 
She makes us smile and laugh every day. 
She has so many cute and silly faces. 
She scrunches her nose up when she gives you a kiss and does the cutest "surprised" face. 
She is starting to warm up better to new people and isn't always attached to my leg. 
She is SO snuggly and loves to be held. 
She is obsessed with her binky. She likes the ribbon to be attached because she twirls it around her nose as she falls asleep. The day we take the binky away is a day that I am not looking forward to.
She loves to hold and rock her babies.
She will no longer let you spoon feed her and likes to eat on her own. Which makes for big messes so we usually just take her shirt off each time she eats.
She can say: mama, dada, up, all done, thank you, bye, and hi.
She understands a lot of what we ask her and is great at nodding her head yes or no. 
She is adorable...we love her to pieces!

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