Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wishy Washy Weather

Utah has some serious weather issues. One day it is sunny and hot outside and the next it is snowing. I don't know about you but we are all ready for spring over here! 

It was so pretty outside and we got out our sandals and sunglasses.
 then the next day it was snowing... The girls didn't seem to mind though! We all bundled up and enjoyed some outside fun anyways!
 Ruth and I took our kids to feed the horses. he kids loved it but Tammy Lee was especially happy. She would crack up hysterically every time the horse would eat a carrot from her hand. It was sooo stinkin cute!
 Savannah is my little helper nowadays. She loves to be a part of whatever I am doing. Especially when I am making dinner or doing something in the kitchen. She helped me bag out green smoothies to put in the freezer. 
 This is Savannah's cute friend King. King's mom (Lorie) and I grew up together in GA and it has been so fun getting together and letting our kids play!

 Tammy Lee is a complete daddy's girl. She is attached to his hip whenever he is home. 
 The 18 month tantrums have begun. T-Lee was mad at this particular moment because I closed the freezer and wouldn't let her play inside it. O and she really loves to throw things in the toilet so we all have to make a constant effort to keep the bathroom doors closed. Gotta love her!

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