Saturday, March 1, 2014

Matching dresses, polka dots, and silly smiles.

This post is full of pictures but I am so behind and I need to catch up on all thats been going on around here. So here we go...

I love matching the girls. Especially on Sundays!

Stephen was made for a house of girls. He was playing princesses with Savannah and I just wish you could hear the commentary.
Savannah 3 years old
 Tammy Lee 18 months

 We made a behavior chart for Savannah and once she filled the chart with stickers her prize was to go see Frozen. She did awesome and we had so much fun going to the movies. My fun cousin Stacey even joined us!
 During FHE one monday night Savannah wanted all her fav animals to be a part of it.
 Tammy Lee goes right along with whatever Savannah is doing. Cuties!
We have had our fair share of sicknesses this winter and I just hope it is over. Each one of us have caught a nasty virus but for the last couple weeks we have all been healthy. Its been a miracle!

 This pic melts my heart of Tammy Lee. Just wait for the next one though... moods change so quickly for an 18 month old. ;)

 Since it was so cold outside we got creative and brought the snow inside. Savannah was so entertained and loved playing with the snow and we even painted the snow with food coloring water.
 My cute cousin Whitney came in town. We always love when she stops by!
I love this guy.
 Earlier this week the weather was heavenly. We took full advantage and played outside almost all day!

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