Monday, February 23, 2015

One year older and wiser too!

It is hard to believe I have a 4 year old. 
Savannah brings us so much joy. She has such a darling personality and is so fun to be around. 
She is so sweet to Tammy Lee and loves to comfort and protect her.
She loves to play and is so social.
She loves playing dress up and changes her outfit multiple times a day.
She loves to be chased and tickled.
Even though she is girly she loves playing sports with Stephen like Tennis and Football.
She can spell her first and last name and is learning to identify letters in the alphabet.
She loves to color and always does a very thorough job.
She goes to bed at 7:30 pm and wakes up at 7:30 am.
Her favorite food is candy. ;)
She is so full of life and we love having her in our family!
Happy birthday Savannah Jane!

We celebrated with the Jett family on Sunday.
 Savannah woke up to balloons and presents on her birthday.
She ran into our room so excited because she saw the balloons and presents from the top of the stairs.
 She requested Mickey Mouse pancakes for her birthday breakfast so dad went to school a little later so he could be there. She was thrilled!

 That night we had dinner at Chase and Jessie's and celebrated with my side of the family.
 Nana and Papa got Savannah dress ups and this girl could not stop smiling. Rachel and Travis got her that big Olaf which went perfect with her Anna outfit. :)
 We celebrated once more on Saturday with her cute friends. I planned a little party with a couple different activities for the kids.
We set up three stations:
Station #1 the kids made fruit loop necklaces.
Station #2 the kids made Princess and King crowns.
Station #3 the kids played with play dough.
Next everyone enjoyed some cupcakes and ice-cream.
Then the kids hit a pinata filled with bouncy balls.
Last Savannah opened her presents.
It was a fun and successful birthday week.
Savannah is loved by so many!

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