Friday, July 17, 2015

2 -3 month old Hudson

I can hardly believe Hudson is already 3 months old. He is deff my hardest baby so far. He wakes up every two hours at night and demands to be held the majority of the day. My days are so busy and it hard to get a lot done but he is such a joy in our family. He fits so perfectly and it is hard to imagine him not being with us. We are all smitten and he has 2 sisters that are like little mommies to him. They are so gentle and caring and love holding him any chance they get.

Bath time in the sink. 7.10.15

 Rachel sent Hudson these darling moccasins and bib. We love them so much.
 I am so crazy about this little guy... even though he keeps me up ALL night long.
 He hasn't started smiling too much but I caught one of the few he has given on camera. Makes my heart happy seeing that sweet smile.

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