Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 New Year

2015 went by so fast! So many exciting things happened in 2015. Stephen graduated from law school, passed the bar exam, and got a job in Portland. Hudson joined our family and is already 8 months old. We sold our home in Utah and bought a new home in Oregon. We did lots of traveling and went on a couple family vacations. Over all it was a wonderful year full of wonderful things and new adventures.
Can't wait to see what 2016 brings!

Something that is so important to me is eating dinner as a family each night. It is a time when we can all sit down together while we eat, chat, and tell each other about our days. Love my family so very much!
 I forgot to include these pictures below in my Christmas post. Elysse wanted to wrap a bad gift and give it to the girls. She wrapped toilet paper for Savannah and a potato for Tammy Lee. Let's just say their reactions were priceless. Savannah was pretty disappointed and threw the toilet paper on the ground. Tammy Lee wasn't quite sure how to respond and was coached on what to do by Savannah. I am so glad I caught it on film. Don't worry though... Elysse gave them a real present after and they were happy again. :)

 Jessie got me this coat for Christmas and it is the perfect rain jacket for Oregon!
 It snowed in Oregon! We had so much fun playing in it. There was only an inch of snow and church was canceled. 

 Those cheeks are so squishable. Love my 8 month old Huddy!

 One of our favorite things to do in Sherwood is go to the library. They have so many fun activities and they don't cost a dime.

    Snuggliest little boy!
 Nooooo! First Savannah caught the stomach bug... now Tammy Lee.... and Hudson was next. :(
 After Hudson has been throwing up all night I gave him a bottle of pedialyte. He has only had a handful of bottles but he loved every minute of drinking that juice.
 1.8.16 - After 20 back tickles, 2 bottles of pedialyte, 1 box of clorox sanitizing wipes. multiple naps, and 9 loads of laundry later these two have conquered the stomach bug. #phew

 I love this picture so much because Savannah is so excited about her CTR cookie she got from church and Tammy Lee is proudly holding up her scriptures int he background.
 Tammy Lee has watched Savannah be a Sunbeam and was patiently waiting for it to be her turn. She was beaming from ear to ear after church on Sunday and couldn't stop talking about how much she loved being in primary!
 I have decided to change my eating habits. I realized that I eat way to many sweats and treats and it was taking a toll on my well being. I was getting headaches, feeling sluggish, etc. I have joined a challenge group and have been eating very healthy. It is amazing how much better I feel!
 Those cheeks are so kissable.
 On our weekly walk to the library Savannah saw a frog and wanted to take a picture with it. Can you spy it?
 I love to have one on one time with Tammy Lee. She will tell me stories that never end, bring me multiple books to read, and request many songs to sing. Her fav songs right now are: "cheek, chin, nose", "A Child's Prayer", "This is the way the ladies' ride."
 1.15.16 Can I freeze time? Savannah is almost 5 and starts kindergarten this year and I can hardly handle it. This morning she woke up earlier than usual and while everyone was sleeping she cleaned the play room and made her bed with being asked. She came to my room and told me she had a surprise for me. She has always been so sweet, helpful, and caring of others.
 The bathrooms need to be cleaned and and strapping this small human to me is the only way I will be able to get them done. #joysofmotherhood

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