Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Card 2015

We sent our christmas card out this year through e-mail. Here it is:

Merry Christmas from The Jett Family:

Hudson just turned 7 months and is obsessed with bananas. Although he can’t talk, walk, crawl, or sit up yet, he is a master at keeping his mommy up at night. He loves to giggle when his sisters make silly sounds, and has the best open mouth smile we’ve ever seen. Our biceps have doubled in size due to his lack of desire to be put down, and so we have decided to forego gym memberships in 2016!

Tammy Lee turned 3 in September and is the epitome of sweetness. She has her daddy so wrapped around her finger that I’m surprised she doesn’t have a car yet. She has the cutest rosy-red cheeks, and wants to snuggle all day. She loves reading books, Peppa Pig (it’s a show), tripping, slipping, falling, colliding, or anything that involves coming into contact with a hard surface. We have a separate insurance policy just for her.

Savannah turns 5 in February and is the perfect older sister for her younger siblings. From making the beds in morning (that’s right – beds as in plural), to helping hold Hudson (well, at least for a few seconds…he’s a heavy boy), to scratching Tammy Lee’s back when she gets sick, she does it all. Oh, and she’s a Lucky Duck. Literally. That’s the name of her preschool. She loves to be tickled, make crafts, and is our social butterfly. She constantly talks about her 3 boyfriends in her preschool class (shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell Stephen).

Jen feels so blessed to have 3 amazing children and a hard-working husband. She loves decorating and organizing the new home, but realizes that with the kids around it may be a lost cause! She loves Oregon, but probably wasn’t quite prepared for the constant winter rain (seriously though, will it ever stop?). When she isn’t holding Hudson (never), she is thinking of creative ways to entertain her girls and cooking new healthy meals she’s never tried before. Her one dream is a Trader Joe’s within a 15-minute drive.

Stephen is loving life. This year he finished law school, passed the bar exam, and took his dream job as the corporate in-house attorney for a company here in Oregon. He recently received his dream church calling: working with the Young Men! He is always on the go, but takes the time to make sure each of his children feel loved. When he’s not playing ping pong/“working”, he’s chasing the girls around the house, spending quality time with yours truly, or wishing his Fantasy Football team was a lot better.

We hope this letter finds each of your families happy and well. Despite the many distractions that occur during this time of year it has been a joy to focus our thoughts on the birth of our Savior. I hope that as we strive to become more like Him, we will have joy and happiness in our lives and peace each day of the year.

Love, The Jett Family

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